We have several tiers of drive recovery. Each tier is designed with the customers needs in mind.

Tier 1

Magnetic media can be subjected to a wide variety of environmental hazards. Laptops may fall, media cards may get stepped on and even backup drives can get bumped. What all these have in common is the nature of the damage to the data isn’t always permanent. Often, if plugged in, these drives can be ‘rescued’ by simply repairing the data stored on them. This most basic service works well on a wide variety of media and is our first choice when attempting to retrieve your data.

$50 with customer supplied restoration media (hard drive, thumb drive of equivalent size)

$100 or more if we provide restoration media

A Note on Extra Costs for tier 1

While our ultimate goal is to preserve your data, we also strive to save you money. We allow customers to provide the destination media, which may help you may save money.

Tier 2

Most mechanical systems fail in time. Just as parts wear out on your car, so do parts on a hard drive. As these parts wear down, they may begin chattering, clicking, or singing of their mechanical woes. Not all hope is lost on these hard drives though. Often times, the failing part can replaced, which allows the data to be recovered to a new media device.

$150 and up

Extra Costs for tier 2

Hard drive parts are extremely rare. Unlike a Toyota or Chevrolet, hard drive manufacturers do not sell individual parts to repair their drives. When a cannibalization recovery is required, an identical drive will be needed. The availability of these drives can lead to high cost. In these cases, customer approval is required at each stage of the process.

Tier 3

Most recovery operations are best done at our workstations. However, some businesses need to recover customer records. If these records contain sensitive information that cannot leave the place of business, we have options in place for onsite recovery attempts. We also have workstation repair options available and a large arsenal of disinfectants for dealing with a wide variety of viruses and infections. These cases are handled with the utmost care and precision. Due to the varying unique circumstances, all pricing on Tier 3 services will be negotiated per incident.